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A Game Overview is an online drawing and guessing game. In you will play in real time against other players from all over the world. In this game, you will take turns as the artist and the guesser. The artist secretly receives a word and has to draw it. The guessers have to guess what the word is by looking at the drawing. Points are awarded to the person who guesses first and correctly.  You may recognize that this is very similar to the popular board game known as Pictionary. But the idea of guessing what other players are drawing goes back much, much further than that. Also, in this version, there is a public leaderboard and a variety of players from around the world that will bring an international flavor to the game.You will use the mouse to draw the image and have access to a variety of different colors, brushes, brush sizes, and interesting tools that will allow you to fill the entire background or a specific enclosed area with paint. Players who guess will have to type their answers in the group chat. The chat bot will automatically detect the correct answer, end the turn and reward the correct player with points. Test your guessing and drawing skills in this update of a classic game.




Game modes. has 3 game modes:

  • Free-for-all

    : Play a 3-round game with anyone in the world
  • .
  • Custom game

    : Create your own custom game with any settings and play with your friends
  • .
  • Practice mode

    : Practice drawing with no time limit and create a masterpiece
  • .

How to play SKETCHFUL.IO


When it's your turn to draw, you will have to choose a word from the different difficulty options and draw that word in 90 seconds.

When another person is drawing you will have to type your guess in the chatbox to earn points. The fastest person to guess a word gets the most points!




: Brush



: Eraser


: Filler bucket



: Eraser



: Undo


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Release Date

August 2019

Play Game on Platforms

  • Web browser (Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, MacOS, Android, FireOS, iOS)


What is browser requirements to play

Requires browser support HTML5

Is a free to play?

Yes, is play free online HTML5 Games.

Is game available on store now?

No, game is not available on store.

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