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A Game Overview

Piaf.io is a multiplayer game in which you control a piaf. By moving, running and eating small food pellets, you can grow bigger and bigger until you are the biggest piaf on the server!

How to play Piaf.io

1. Attack or defend yourself using your Balls and Rings - each Dash makes you temporarily untouchable, disable a Ball and create a killable Ring! 

2. Grab and eat up to 3 piafs smaller than you. You slowly absorb the mass of the eaten piafs but they may run out of your body after a few seconds.

3. Customize your skin to your liking, then show yourself to the world!


Piaf.io strategy


You need 1 active ball to Dash

You are untouchable during a Dash

Grab to easily eat a piaf!

Eat piafs to slowly absorb their mass

You can eat up to 3 smaller piafs by having 3 Balls

The eaten piafs can Dash out moving inside the body

Aim the large piafs to eat their Food


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Release Date

October 2017

Play Game on Platforms

  • Web browser (Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, MacOS, Android, FireOS, iOS)


What is browser requirements to play Piaf.io?

Requires browser support HTML5

Is Piaf.io a free to play?

Yes, Piaf.io is play free online HTML5 Games.

Is Piaf.io game available on store now?

No, Piaf.io game is not available on store.

Play Piaf.io with Video Trailer

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