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by Superinstant

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  • Color Galaxy

    by Superinstant
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Grow your Color Galaxy

Drive around and loop back to build your territory one splatter of color at a time. Find a signature style by customizing your colors. Use a unique base-building strategy to build big and beautiful colors that dominate the world.

Catch other players by surprise

When a player is outside their territory with an unconnected line, you can smash through their line to take them down! Loop over other players’ turf to take it as your own.

Customize your character

Buy cool new vehicles to take to the arena. Customize your fillings to mark your territory in colorful and patterned styles. You can also buy stickers, event items and other unique goods in the shop.

Complete daily quests

Collect gold from each match and complete daily quests to earn new rewards. Each day you come back to play Color Galay puts you one step closer to the big prize.

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Release Date

October 2022


Superinstant developed Color Galaxy.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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