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by Tall Team

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    by Tall Team
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Unfair Mazes

Play games to earn XP

Face off with other players in the arena for 3 minutes of kart-smashing mayhem. There are several maps to explore. Each public game you play will give you XP, which you can then use to level up. 

Leveling up will reward you with coins, hats, wheels, and character tokens. You can use character tokens in the prize machine to unlock new characters with varying levels of rarity.

Pick up weapons

Drive over the boxes containing question marks to pick up random weapons and power-ups. You’ll find anything from invincibility to missiles, machine guns, and mines. Get in your kart and cause some chaos!

Customize your kart!

Choose between a selection of wacky little characters and karts. You can customize your kart and characters in the customize menu. There you’ll find a selection of karts, characters, hats, and holiday items!

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  • Action-packed multiplayer kart battles
  • Level up, earn coins, and save your stats
  • Several weapons from miniguns to bombs!
  • Customizable karts and characters

Release Date

March 2020


  • June 2020: A new level, The Gravel Pit

Developer is developed by Tall Team. They also developed the game Investor Island, and BlastAR Pro, an augmented reality arcade game.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • iOS
  • Android

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