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A Game Overview

dir="ltr"> is a competitive chomping game. Lead a little magical creature called “Chomper” to become the largest of all. 

dir="ltr">Walk around and eat all the treats you find. 

dir="ltr">Kill bugs roaming on the arena. 

dir="ltr">Fight other Chompers using weapon of your choice: ent’s branch, fish wand, devilish trident, banana club, royal scepter, carrot mace and many, many more!

dir="ltr">Eating and fighting gives your experience which makes you bigger. 

dir="ltr">Get bigger to become the Number One! 

dir="ltr">But be careful - single hit means defeat. 

dir="ltr">So use speed boost ability to run away. 

dir="ltr">You can also use it to chase for more food. 

dir="ltr">Unlock all the Chompers and customize their appearance to your liking: 

  • dir="ltr">hat, 

  • dir="ltr">shoes, 

  • dir="ltr">eyes,

  • dir="ltr">mouth, 

  • dir="ltr">weapon. 

dir="ltr">Show them all how cool you are!

dir="ltr">Chompers are always hungry and never rest. Use mouse to control your Chomper: 

  1. dir="ltr">


    - indicates movement direction.

  2. dir="ltr">

    Left Mouse Button

    - to attack other Chompers and bugs. 

  3. dir="ltr">

    Right Mouse Button

    - to speed up to chase your target or run away. 

dir="ltr">Don’t be afraid to use Speed Boost. It replenishes very quickly and can be really handy. 

dir="ltr">Enjoy the sweets!


dir="ltr">Pssst… there are also some hidden controls. Find out what are they and what they do!

How to Play this Game

Understanding games is more important than a fast trigger finger. A good way to learn skills like not panicking and about the "rules" of a game

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Release Date

October 2019

Play Game on Platforms

  • Web browser (Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, MacOS, Android, FireOS, iOS)


What is browser requirements to play

Requires browser support HTML5

Is a free to play?

Yes, is play free online HTML5 Games.

Is game available on store now?

Yes, game is available on store.

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