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A Game Overview

SongTrivia .io is a fun and addictive multiplayer online IO game about popular music knowledge. It is a fun and challenging game that will test all your hours of listening to music.  Enter your nickname, join a room with other players from God knows where and try to guess the song or artist that is playing before anyone else. You can choose different genres, so just select your comfort zone and lead each game to earn coins. Then you can buy bonuses, such as "eliminate an answer" or "double chance". Have fun playing this cool free online SongTrivia IO game. You can also invite your friends to challenge them individually and specifically. Choose arena or head-to-head. Prove your mettle in the world of music trivia and become the ultimate song trivia champion in this fun and original iogame.

Game instructions:

Use your mouse to click on and through the various menus in the game


When you select a category and play a song you will have a few moments to listen, identify and then submit your answer for approval. The fastest and most accurate answer will be the winner and will get more points.


There are multiple genres with hundreds of songs in each genre. You will be able to select the genre you want. The music sample is very short.

How to Play this Game

Understanding games is more important than a fast trigger finger. A good way to learn skills like not panicking and about the "rules" of a game

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Release Date

November 2019

Play Game on Platforms

  • Web browser (Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, MacOS, Android, FireOS, iOS)


What is browser requirements to play

Requires browser support HTML5

Is a free to play?

Yes, is play free online HTML5 Games.

Is game available on store now?

No, game is not available on store.

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