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A Game Overview is a third-person, arena game. SideArms is a third-person, multiplayer shooter set in a futuristic world. Fast-paced death matches are played out in low-gravity arenas filled with a variety of obstacles and terrain. As a rocket-driven android, your goal is to battle your fellow androids for the right to pilot a giant mech in a chaotic, one-versus-all shootout.

Hone your rocket skills to perform outrageous maneuvers, and eliminate the competition in style! Keep your faithful gunbot well-stocked with a wide variety of firepower, or draw your katana for close quarters combat. It's just you and your gunbot sidekick against the world!

Customize your android to countless possibilities with a robust character creator. Complete challenges, participate in seasonal events, and enter giveaways to earn even more customization options!

How to Play:

In-Game Store

Between rounds and deaths you may buy weapons from the store. Some modes will give you a stipend with each death, but the best ways to earn money are by destroying other androids, going on kill streaks, stopping other player's streaks, and even collecting the occasional drop from a delivery rocket.

O.N.I. Battle

Battle the field to upgrade your android as much as you can. Destroy pink delivery rockets to reveal  upgrade chips, weapons, and other helpful items. In addition to delivery rockets, other androids can be a good source of upgrades. Upgraded androids will drop some of their chips when eliminated.

The android with the most upgrades when the battle begins will earn the right to battle their fellow androids with a giant O.N.I. mech. As an android your goal is to team with all other androids and deplete the O.N.I.'s energy before time runs out. As the O.N.I. your goal is to keep your energy intact while eliminating as many androids as possible.   

Team Battle

Earn points by eliminating androids on the opposing team. All targets are not equal, however - upgraded androids and players with bounties are worth extra points! The team with the most points at the end of the round is the winner. When the match ends, all players vote on the round's MVP!


SideArms uses a sticker system for in-game communication. Your android can use a variety of colorful emotes during the game by pressing the number keys. New stickers are frequently made available, and you can organize your list by visiting the Customization tab.   

Challenges and Seasonal Events

Each day you will be issued up to three daily challenges. Complete them to earn progress in seasonal events, in-game currency, or even unique items.

Participate in seasonal events to compete with your fellow SideArmers and earn in-game currency or unique, event-themed customizations.

Character Customization and Stats

Players can customize their characters, communication options, and profile with an enormous variety of options. Give your character that perfect look for taunting your victims in the Customization tab. On the Career tab you'll find a cache of interesting stats. Stats fans can look forward to a lot more as the game grows.

Game Controls


Keyboard and mouse controls can be customized on the Options screen, which is accessed by pressing the gear button at the top of the screen. The default key mappings are as follows:

WASD to move

Space bar to jump

Shift to use rocket boots

LMB to fire gun

RMB/C to aim

F to use katana

R to reload

E to switch guns

~ to drop secondary weapon

Number Keys (1 - 0) to use sticker emotes


  • Android movement can be very fast. Try shooting just ahead of your target for greater accuracy.
  • Use explosive weapons to knock down your enemies, then move in for the kill.
  • Use your katana in close quarters combat to finish off enemies with low health.
  • Always collect those blue upgrade chips. Each chip increases your maximum health by 10!
  • Try to save some rocket fuel for moments when you need to escape or chase down an enemy with low health.
  • Use your rocket boots to jump up the side of vertical structures.
  • Attacking with the katana in mid-air will stop your existing momentum and all you to redirect yourself.
  • Holding the Sword (katana attack) key while in mid-air will swiftly drop you into a plunge attack that deals heavy damage if it connects with an enemy.
  • Kill streaks will earn you extra credits to spend on weapons, but it will also put a bounty on your head. The bigger the streak the bigger the bounty.
  • Pink delivery rockets will explode and emit useful items when they take enough damage. Try shooting one while an enemy is standing close to it.
  • If you're trying to save money, don't spend credits on secondary weapons. Keep an eye out for delivery rockets and be the first to loot them!
  • Rocketing to catch a surface at certain angles can propel you into the air with unprecedented force. Every arena has a variety of surfaces and angles. Try experimenting with your rocket boots to find techniques that will leave your competition in the dust.
  • SideArms arenas have many vantage points. Always keep moving when you're out in the open.
  • The world of SideArms has low gravity. Hopping around will make you a sitting target. If you want to make yourself harder to hit, try switching directions with a rocket boost instead.

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Release Date

October 2019

Play Game on Platforms

  • Web browser (Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, MacOS, Android, FireOS, iOS)


What is browser requirements to play SideArms?

Requires browser support HTML5

Is SideArms a free to play?

Yes, SideArms is play free online HTML5 Games.

Is SideArms game available on store now?

No, SideArms game is not available on store.

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