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by JohnnyTwoShoes

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    by JohnnyTwoShoes
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A Game Overview

The Heist is a free racing game. You're a professional getaway driver who does freelance work for the mob, bank robbers, and anyone else looking to pull off a quick job. Don't think too much about the morals, ethics, or legalities of this kind of work. All that matters is that if you pull it off you'll get paid in fat stacks of cash. Cash you can use to upgrade your engine, your wheels, your steering, and even your look. But it's not all fun in games. These people want a pro driver because the getting away part of a heist is the most crucial aspect of pulling off a job. You'll have to dodge cops, bad traffic, roadblocks, and other obstacles if you want to arrive alive, paid, and ready for another gig. In this game, you will also have the ability to slow time down. Its a useful tool but it will take time to fully master.

How to Play this Game

Understanding games is more important than a fast trigger finger. A good way to learn skills like not panicking and about the "rules" of a game

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Arrow keys to drive; spacebar for weapon; shift to slow time

Who developer The Heist

The Heist was developed by JohnnyTwoShoes.

Release Date

October 2008

Play Game on Platforms

  • Web browser (Windows, Linux, MacOS)


What is browser requirements to play The Heist?

Requires browser support FLASH

Is The Heist a free to play?

Yes, The Heist is play free online HTML5 Games.

How do you play The Heist?

Arrow keys to drive; spacebar for weapon; shift to slow time

Who developed The Heist?


When was The Heist released?

Released date: 2008-10-03T04:00:00+00:00

Are there any tips for The Heist?

Arrow keys to drive; spacebar for weapon; shift to slow time

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