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Choose among a diverse roster of heroes to play as, and win the match by destroying the enemy's crystal! By killing enemy minions and heroes, you gain gold to build and upgrade items and Experience to level up and become stronger. You can utilize map elements such as Runes and Brushes to your advantage and control the match in your favor.

With a wide variety of heroes and items to choose from, you'll experience unique and distinct games. Choose between a melee or ranged hero specializing in either Normal or Magic type damage, customize your item build to fit your playstyle, and conquer your enemies with plans and strategies.

The game is still in its Pre-Alpha stage, and there are many things that the developer plans on improving and implementing into the game.

Average match length: ~15 minutes

Current playable game modes

  • 1 v 1 Ranked Match (go head-to-head with your opponent)
  • 2 v 2 Ranked Match match up with someone and win through cooperation and teamwork)
  • Practice Match (play solo and try out different item combinations with your preferred hero)

How to play

  • You can only buy items in your spawn, so think carefully about what items you'll get before heading out to the lane
  • Win a match by destroying the enemy crystal with your minions. You cannot damage the crystal yourself, so your minions are your win condition
  • Open up the path to the enemy crystal by destroying their tower. This will boost the stats of your minions, giving you a significant advantage!


  • Before the match starts, there is a 45-second preparation period that counts down to 00:00. At 00:00, the first minion wave spawns, and the Gold Rune spawns at the upper area. Use the time to position yourself near the Gold Rune so you can get the extra gold
  • Whenever you buy items, try and save some gold for at least one Health Potion! A Health Potion helps keep you in the lane as long as possible because it can keep you in high health to respond to enemy movement. Remember to avoid damage while using one, or else it will interrupt the healing
  • Buff Runes spawn every minute starting at 01:00 in the bottom area. Take advantage of these runes as the buffs you get from one can turn the tide against the enemy, especially in 2v2

Release Date

November 2021


QTX developed Kingdom of Pixels.


Web browser

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