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by inlogic

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  • Idle Zoo

    by inlogic
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How to Play

Build new enclosures

You can’t have a zoo without cute animals. Starting with a penguin enclosure, you can quickly earn more money and invest in new animals like zebras, gazelles, flamingos, crocodiles, and more. To make sure you earn enough to afford the more exotic animals, keep upgrading what you currently have, and clicking!

Upgrade your Idle Zoo

You can upgrade enclosures to new milestones, which provide large revenue boosts and a more attractive enclosure.

You can also upgrade the zoo overall, with several options available. Conduct research, add babies, run adverts, improve conditions, and increase your operation's overall capacity and logistics to add more revenue per minute. You can do all this by clicking on the zoo entrance.

Money earning tips

You’re rewarded with money every minute at the rate set in the top left. However, you can earn much more by:

  • Spinning the lucky wheel every 5 minutes
  • Clicking quickly anywhere in the park
  • Leaving the game and returning for idle earnings

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  • Become a successful zoo tycoon
  • Bring various animals to your zoo
  • Upgrade and improve your zoo
  • Earn money with various bonuses

Release Date

June 2021


Idle Zoo was made by Inlogic Software.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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