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Choose from a variety of classes

There are four classes in Eliatopia. These classes are warrior, archer, wizard, and gunman. Each class has their own core ability you can improve as you progress through the game. When you choose your class, you can customize their appearance for a unique style.

Buy new gear and level-up your skills

As you progress through the game fighting in other-worldly battles, you’ll earn XP and level up; find loot and coins to buy new gear, and improve your character’s stats in the skill tree. Gear will give you additional defensive and offensive power, as well as a distinct appearance.

Fight all kinds of extra-terrestrial beings

There are many aliens and curious creatures to battle on planet Eliatopia. They get harder to beat as you move through the game, which is why you need to level up and get the proper gear as you continue roaming this vast planet.

Trade, team up, and battle with friends

Eliatopia is an online RPG game with great player interactions and a social system so you can stay connected with friends. You can trade with other players and battle them too, in PvP.

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Release Date

April 2020


Eliatopia was made by Robby Scherer.


  • Web browser
  • Android
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