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How to Play

Save Ducklings

Swim around the lake and rescue ducklings by floating near them. Take the ducklings back to their nest. Save as many ducklings you want with each journey.

Each time you reach the target number of ducklings, your nest is upgraded. Repeat the process of saving ducklings until your nest becomes a duck fortress to be reckoned with.

Avoid Danger!

You're not alone in Other ducks compete to save the ducklings too, and they won't hesitate to take away all your hard-earned ducklings. Look out for sneaky ducks and make sure you don't get hit by a boat. If you do get hit by a boat, it's game over!

Similar Games

There aren't many games that involve rescuing ducklings while protecting them from sneaky thieves and careless boaters. However, does feature growing mechanics like in grow games. The difference is, you're growing your nest and not the character directly. Upgrade games are also similar if you want more fun games!

Release Date

September 2019


Ducklings is developed by Pelican Party Studios. They also develop the amazing Nugget Royale.


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  • Android
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