Born into Darkness

by Shockwave

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  • Born into Darkness
  • Born into Darkness

    by Shockwave
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Born Into Darkness

You'd think a vampire would be happy as a night curator in a creepy old museum filled with ancient relics. But when Amber gets a chance to end the curse that's plagued her for 200+ years, she's off on a dangerous quest to find the Shroud of Lazarus, a powerful artifact that could reverse her bloodsucking tendencies forever! The full version of Born Into Darkness features:

A hidden object thriller full of ancient conspiracies
Baffling puzzles and bloodthirsty vampires
The chance to find clues that could end a centuries-long curse

Set aside your fear as you enter dark and unwelcoming places in search of the Shroud of Lazarus. Download your free trial of Born Into Darkness today!


Use the mouse to locate hidden objects and solve puzzles.
See in-game help for detailed instructions.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
700 MHz processor
256 MB RAM
138 MB free disc space
32 MB Video RAM


Developed by: PoBros, Inc.
Published by: GameHouse, Inc.

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