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Fall Beans

Fall Beans is a free-to-play multiplayer game inspired by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. You can play in vast multiplayer arenas or race privately against your friends in a password-protected game room. 

There’s a variety of levels featuring traps like falling floors and moving walls. To express your emotions to other players, you can communicate through emojis and dance moves.

Level-Up Rewards

The more races you complete, and preferably win, the more XP you’ll earn. XP allows you to level up. In Fall Beans, each level up awards you with a prize, which can be anything from gold to costumers and dance moves. You can have a look for yourself by selecting the stars on the menu screen!

If you want to look like a seasoned Fall Beans player immediately, you can purchase a range of cosmetic items using gold in the store.

Similar Games

Like Fall Guys, Fall Beans is a unique game and there isn’t much quite like it. But, there are plenty more wacky multiplayer games to play with your friends or just to have a laugh!

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Release Date

September 2020, exclusively on GameDaily.io


Pitoy Games developed Fall Beans.


This version has been successfully passed the beta testing phase and now in the release stage with Crown Shop and a battle pass which includes more skins and emotes!


  • Web browser
  • Android
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